About Us

Herbologie’s mission is to produce cutting edge, value-added US agricultural products that are functional, flavorful, and socially responsible. We are committed to providing opportunities to US farmers by locally sourcing at least 50% of our ingredients. In addition to supporting other farmers, we grow several of our ingredients hydroponically in house making a truly farm-to-bottle product. We will continuously improve our process toward use of environmentally and economically sustainable materials and practices.


Monika Kathuria Tournis is a Professional Herbalist with 20 years in the health food industry and a family tradition of herb and spice blending for medicinal and culinary uses. She holds advanced degrees from University of California, Irvine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and East West School of Herbology. She is also the President and product developer of the Hawaii Nutrition Company brand of nutraceuticals and body care products (Hawaiinutrition.com). Monika is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and American Herbal Products Association.
Nickolas A. Tournis is a Process Improvement Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who opened his first coffee shop at the age of 23 and now leads the manufacturing element of Herbologie Studio. Nick has degrees from Indiana University and Purdue University, and currently works as Project Executive for Johnson Controls Corporation in San Francisco. Nick designed and built the beautiful Herbologie Studio showroom in Honolulu and created the trademarked brand name and label concepts for Herbologie.
Married in 2014, the newlyweds combined their marketing skills with their passion for gourmet food, beverage and culture to create this artful brand.  Its tag line tells the story of how the Herbologie vision came together. They call it “Natural Chemistry.”



Adrienn Yarbrough is a brilliant student of finance, soap making, herbal blending and living a beautiful life! She is our Hawaii area Manager is we are blessed.


After 4 years, we closed our showroom due to the demolition of Ward Warehouses. Thank you so much much for your visits. Please continue to find our unique products on line and through our retail partners. 

We miss our Kamani Street location, but we've opened an office in San Francisco! Our journey continues....