Our Process

Farm to Bottle

Herbologie produces cutting edge functional beverages made with fermented and farm to bottle botanicals. Our studio houses an indoor hydroponic garden where some of our tea ingredients are grown.

We use fermented, organic, locally sourced and house grown ingredients to develop the freshest possible teas and elixirs. Unlike franchise tea sellers, we don't use any flavor oils or preservative in our product. When you start with fresh ingredients, and process them with skill and care, the flavors are rich and delicious naturally.

Our process uses various medicinal herbs and a proprietary culture for the fermentation. The fermentation process is performed in a highly controlled laboratory environment by a scientist who is an expert in the field. We gain a high degree of consistency and potency in our product, not achievable by the backyard fermenters.

Fermentation activates the medicinal properties of the herbs and delivers nutrients to the cellular level. The process of fermentation actually creates new compounds such as enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, other nutrients, and probiotic cultures. Fermented herbs are highly bioavailable and can contain live probiotic cultures if bottled cold.