Our Turmeric


 Turmeric is best known for its use in East Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine, but what is less known is this extraordinary root has been an integral part of Hawaiian Traditional Medicine, La‘au lapa‘au, since its origins. Turmeric has been grown in Hawai‘i for 1000 years, since the first Polynesian settlers inhabited the islands. They brought with them about a dozen plants considered essential to their survival and turmeric was one of them. Known as ‘ōlena, in Hawaiian, the roots were used in food, dye, and medicinal remedies. The flower of turmeric stalk is legendary for its heavenly scent and stunning beauty. The elusive ‘ōlena flowers are revered in Hawaiian song and chant.

All of Herbologie Turmeric products are single origin, private estate, and organically grown in the USA. The roots go directly from the farm to our organic certified facility, where they are extracted or dried, and packaged all in the same place. They never sit in an open market or warehouse waiting for someone to ship them around the world for processing. We know exactly where and when they were harvested, and by whom. We control the entire process from farm to bottle, and adhere to US standards of Food Safety and handling. That is something that cannot be said of Turmeric coming from any other country. Herbologie turmeric products are hands down the freshest turmeric in the world! You will taste and smell the quality and purity of these 100% pure roots.

The owners of Herbologie are humbled to be a part of this plant’s revival in the Hawaiian Islands by promoting organic cultivation and growing market opportunities. As proponents of regenerative agriculture, we encourage the healing of the land alongside our quest to heal our bodies.