Organic Hawaiian Turmeric Powder

100% pure Hawaiian Turmeric organically grown on a single estate in Hawaii. This is the cleanest, purest and most potent turmeric in the world.

This product is now certified organic, Gluten Free and is Non-GMO.

#1 Anti-aging Superfood and powerful inflammation reducer.

  • Protect healthy cells from mutation
  • Cleanse liver, blood, and arteries
  • Maintain strength in joints and tissues
  • Improve circulation to the heart & brain

A great spice to include in your everyday cooking for full flavor and amazing nutritional benefits!  Use it in your teas, dishes or smoothies. 

Not all Hawaiian Turmeric is grown the same! There are still many growers in Hawaii that are using pesticide sprays incuding glycophospate (Round-up). Make sure your turmeric is certified organic.

This is packaged in a 2 oz beautiful gift tin that you can be proud to share with loved ones.


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