Tomato Flakes

Enjoy summertime year round with this delicious burst of sweet and zesty seasoning that only top quality tomatoes can provide. Originally a process used to preserve the sun ripened flavor of vine grown tomatoes, our Tomato Flakes are a delightful twist on store bought sun dried tomatoes.

You can use these Tomato Flakes anywhere you would use fresh or sun dried tomatoes. Home chefs have long used sun dried tomatoes in a variety of dishes.

We have in the past carried a different type of dried tomato. It was more like a sun-dried tomato that was moist and soft that you're often find in the grocery store. It also included sulfur dioxide as a colorant. Our current dried tomato flakes do not have any colorants or preservatives added to them. 

Available in 1/2 cup glass jar with shaker top.