Herb infused Coconut Oils by Herbologie

Herbologie`s Coconut Oil infusions are made with only Organic virgin Coconut oil, natural Hawaiian Extracts and essential oils. They are 100% natural and made in-house in Honolulu. 

Apply to hair or skin anytime an uplifting moisturizing treatment is needed. Can be applied to rough patches like elbows or to add shine to lips. For topical use only.

Lavender Basil Coconut Oil (1.5 oz): 

Organic lavender infused organic coconut oil, lavender and basil essential oils

Hibiscus Coconut Oil (1.5 oz)

Organic Hibiscus infused organic coconut oil, natural hibiscus fragrance

Lemongrass Verbena Coconut Oil (1.5 oz)

Organic virgin coconut oil, lemongrass essential oil, lemon verbena essential oil 

Ginger Lime Coconut Oil (1.5 oz)

Organic virgin coconut oil, lime essential oil, Hawaiian ginger extract