Herbologie Elixirs

Each Herbologie Elixir is named for its function. These strongly brewed formulas deliver both immediate and long-term benefits to the imbiber. Master Herbalist Monika Tournis has drawn from her 15 years as a supplement formulator to create this initial set.

The Flavors

Each of the 6 delicious Herbologie Elixirs has its own a unique flavor palate. Five of them are lightly sweetened with organic local honey. One is unsweetened. What we have accomplished in flavor is something extremely unique. Our beverages contain no flavoring, preservatives, or sugary juice concentrates. They are entirely flavored by herbs and honey. We rely on the freshness of our ingredients and the expertise of our formulator to deliver the complex and balanced flavors. The gentle sweetness doesn't mask the flavor of the herbs— it enhances the flavors and ties them together.

Typical tropical flavorings are coconut, mango, or pineapple. Herbologie has redefined the tropical flavor profile to feature the wealth of Hawaii grown ingredients such as ginger, hibiscus, turmeric, coffee berry, tulsi, and more.