Hawaiian Red Turmeric Extract - ‘ōlena


Certified Organic 100% pure Hawaiian Red Turmeric Extract made from single estate roots from the Big Island of Hawaii. These are absolutely the darkest sweetest and largest turmeric roots we have ever seen and we are humbled to be the first company ever to produce them into a packaged extract to share with the world. This variety of turmeric grows exclusively in Hawaii and they naturally contain 400-500% curcumin more than typical yellow turmeric.

This extract is made from fresh roots only and extracted with organic sugar cane alcohol. Never been dried, heated, or processed!

  • 4-5 times the curcumin content
  • Sweet taste
  • unique variety only from Hawai'i
  • made from fresh roots
  • certified organic
  • certified Hawai'i Seal of Quality

Enjoy the sweet flavor and incredible potency of Hawaiian Red Turmeric products-- ONLY FROM HERBOLOGIE HAWAII.

This project is something we have been working on for several years and we are so happy to finally see it come to fruition. Mahalo to the growers, herbalists and all who have helped us make this truly unique and wonderful product. This is Hawaiian Agriculture at its finest and our gift to the world.

Size 2 oz liquid.