photo courtesy of Dean Pinner

Whats so great about Hawaiian agriculture?

Why Hawaii?

We believe Hawai‘i is the jewel of US agriculture with the Big Island being it’s true diamond. It’s remote location far away from modern pollution is one of the major draws for visitors seeking health and healing. The fresh air and constant downpour of rainwater breathe life into the plants, but the real value for agriculture is the abundance of volcanic minerals in the soil. The Big Island of Hawaii is some of the youngest land on the planet. It is still being formed today. Volcanic activity pumps minerals from deep inside the earth’s core up to the surface in the form of fresh, rich, dark soils. It is this special mineral content combined with sweet rainwater that give Hawai‘i grown Turmeric a distinctly sweeter, milder and less acidic flavor. Compare to Turmeric from other lands, such as India, that are grown in highly depleted soils. The roots we grow are large, luscious and sweet. It’s nothing like anything else in the world!

But what we love most about Hawaii are the farmers. We've been honored to work with some beautiful people who love what they do and are true experts of their ingredients. You'll see more features about them in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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